Animation Professor Releases Zombie Graphic Novel

An animation professor with Huntington University is releasing a zombie graphic novel entitled “Dead Anyway: Stories from the Zombie Apocalypse.” While we haven’t had a chance to see the graphic novel yet, we are curious to read it and give a report.

The book is a collaboration of different writers and artists. Most have a connection with the university.

Huntington University is a Christian college in northern Indiana. The article says the stories in the book are mostly silly or humorous. If you want to get a sample of the stories, you can visit

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Zombies Assist in Counter-Terrorism

Breaking news from the zombie files: Minnesota Public Radio reports zombies will help add some levity to a counterterrorism summit in October, 2012. Apparently, zombies will use their gift of relentless harassment to add some levity to realistic training events.

This is a nice, practical use for the walking dead. If zombies are everywhere, they might as well be helpful.

Next month, will be prime time for zombies. Youth leaders can host a zombie party to go with our book. We’ve just added invitations and postcard templates for your use. Enjoy!

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