Why Should I have a Zombie Party?

Cartoon of two zombies at a party. Each holds a balloon.You may be saying, “You think it’s a good idea to have a zombie party at church or in my ministry? Why would I want to do that?” Great question! And we have some answers.

Zombies are in students’ culture

It doesn’t take long to discover zombies are part of  students’ culture. Zombies show up in books, video games, movies and TV shows. It’s a natural progression from past subjects such as vampires and wizards; however, most students see zombies not as an occult figure, but something out of science fiction.

The term “zombie,” originally came from voodoo origins, but the 1968 movie, Night of the Living Dead, changed modern perceptions of zombies. Since then, zombies have been associated with natural or man-made disasters such as a rogue virus, nuclear accidents or fallen meteorite.

The term “Zombie Apocalypse,” is not part of our modern culture. Even the U.S.-government-sponsored Center for Disease Control has a tongue-in-cheek site at http://www.bt.cdc.gov/socialmedia/zombies.asp . It encourages citizens to prepare for the worst. After all, if you’re prepared for a zombie apocalypse, you’re prepared for anything!

It provides a way for unchurched students to relate to your ministry

Believe or not, some teens may be more scared of church than zombies! Students from outside the church may feel uncomfortable entering a church when they know nothing about it or its culture. They’ve seen negative stereotypes and wonder if they’ll be judged. A zombie party can show that a church has a sense of humor and is made up of a bunch of stuffy shirts. In other words, it’s not full of a bunch of dead zombies (even though we’re all a bunch of zombies, but that’s covered in the book!).

It’s an alternative to Halloween Parties

You’ve probably received a collective groan if you’ve told your students the church was going to ignore Halloween or have a “non-scary” party. Let’s face it; if they’ve been to public school or the shopping mall, they’ve seen plenty of scary people!

A zombie party is a way to acknowledge there is a dark and evil side to the world and it began in the Garden of Eden. It is also a way to give them the answer to a dark and evil world. They’ll discover Jesus gave all of us a chance at a new life. We have the hope the world is looking for. We don’t have to be like the walking dead at the mall!

The zombie phenomenon alludes to the end times

Zombies and other dystopian stories give a nod to the end to this world. The term “Zombie Apocalypse” gives a nod to the end-times story in Revelation. No, zombies are not mentioned in the Bible (Though Attack of the Zombies shows there are stories about walking dead in the Bible). But different stories about the end of the world all agree about one thing: the world can’t continue as it is without an end in sight.

Christians have the answers in the Bible. We know how it will one day end, and we can use a zombie party to show students they can have hope. Jesus saved those who believe in him and will one day save us from this dying world.