The Zombie Lesson—Sharing the Gospel Zombie-Style!

Teachers/Parents: Questions to ask after each page, or after each section. You choose when it’s best, but please be sure to look over the questions so you’ll have a good idea of when to use them.

A slide presentation is available online that can be shown as you present this lesson.

Some of the lessons are taken from More Than Cookies and Punch and Beakers, Bubbles and the Bible by Warner Press. The complete books are available at your local Christian bookstore, or from Warner Press.


Page 3 – Zombies are everywhere.

  • Have you ever seen a zombie on TV? Do you think they’re scary?
  • Have you ever seen a zombie like the ones on TV, walking around?
  • What does page 3 say zombies are like? Have you ever seen someone acting like a living dead zombie?

Page 4 – We’re all born with the zombie virus.

  • How did we get it? (It was passed down through our blood.) Why? (Because of Adam & Eve’s sin.)

Pages 5-9  – It began with creation.

  • How was the earth after God created it? (Perfect and pure)
  • What good things did Adam and Eve receive from God in the garden? (They had everything they needed and God met with them every day.)
  • Who showed up in the garden to ruin things? (The devil, king of zombies.)
  • What did the devil tell Eve? (“God lied.  You won’t really die! You can eat from the tree of knowledge and you’ll be as smart as God.”)
  • What is the name for what Adam and Eve did? (SIN.)
  • What is sin? (Doing what we want, how we want it, when we want to instead of doing what GOD wants us to do. It isn’t a sin to have preferences or want to do things. But it becomes sin when we put our wants ahead of God’s.)
  • Do we sin? (Yes, when we do what WE want instead of what God wants us to do.)
  • What happened when Adam and Eve sinned? (Their blood became infected with the zombie virus and they were now zombies—the living dead—themselves. They were thrown out of the Garden and their friendship/relationship with God was broken. And they would really die some day!)
  • So, it was through Adam and Eve that sin entered the world. Their blood was now infected and everyone who came after them would be infected too—passed down for generations.
  • Because Cain and Abel were born after their parents sinned, they also were born with the virus. Cain became jealous of Abel and killed him—the first murder in the Bible.
  • If younger children have a hard time understanding how sin was passed on to future generations, please consider doing the experiment “Sin Trap”, found on pages 92-93 of Beakers, Bubbles and The Bible by Tina Houser. It is available for download here as a pdf file.

Pages 10-13 (Here’s some Bible background and trivia to share with your kids.)

  • When God first created the earth, everything was good. People lived a long time.
    • Adam lived to be 912 years old.
    • Noah was 500 years old when his sons were born. He lived to be 950 years old.
  • As the world became more evil and people constantly disobeyed Him, God changed the life span to 120 years, and He decided to get rid of His ruined creation, by destroying the earth, and making a clean sweep.
  • God saw that Noah was His man—a man of goodness and integrity. God told Noah He was going to destroy the earth, and then gave directions for building the ark, a way to save men, women, children and animals, IF they wanted to be saved.
  • Noah tried to warn the people, but they would not listen. It rained for 40 days and nights. Only Noah, his family and the animals on the ark survived the flood.
  • When the flood was gone and the door of the ark was opened, God promised He would never again destroy the earth with a flood.
  • But because the zombie virus was still in their blood, sin was still in the world. God chose Abraham to start a new nation, but even these people suffered with the zombie virus.
  • Finally, God had had enough! He garbled their speech so they wouldn’t understand each other and scattered them all over the world.
  • Through the Old Testament we read of leaders like Joshua, Deborah, Samson, David and many prophets—God sent them to warn people about their wicked ways and to turn to God, but the living-dead zombies just tried to kill them, or the leaders sinned themselves.


Pages 14-18 – But God had a plan!

  • Since Jesus was God’s Son, He was born without the zombie virus.
  • Jesus was tempted, like us, but He never let the virus infect Him.
  • Jesus healed people and brought some back to life from the dead. To help younger kids understand, see pages 100-101 in Tina Houser’s More than Cookies and Punch – the story of Lazarus—through sharing snacks.
  • He told stories/parables that helped people understand the difference between living dead zombies and people who lived to serve God. He challenged those who thought they were alive, but who were really Zombies.
  • Jesus spent 3 years on earth, trying to help people understand that it was only through Him that they could be saved from the living dead.
  • The living dead killed Jesus.  People were the ones who sinned and should have been punished. But He took our punishment, willingly dying on the cross.
  • It seemed like the end of all hope, but it wasn’t the end of the story…
  • Jesus rose from the grave! He is alive today! Now, all who are living dead zombies have the opportunity to come alive through Jesus!!!!!!!!



Page 18-19 – Accepting Jesus and sharing Him with others

  • Without Jesus we ALL are zombies—the living dead.
  • Sin brings death to everyone. Our only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ.
  • A good way of explaining Evangelism, especially to younger kids, is through Stem of Life, from Tina Houser’s book, Beakers, Bubbles and the Bible, pages 102-103. A pdf file is included here.
  • Teachers: Present the gospel here, using the Four Spiritual Laws, The Bridge, The Roman’s Road, or with whatever way you feel most comfortable. You may want to have volunteers ready to help you work with those kids who want to make a decision.

Beyond the Event

  • If you haven’t already, hand out the Attack of the Zombie books to the kids. Give them a little time to look through them; then, walk them through the story once more, giving them ideas of how to use the book to share with their friends who don’t know Jesus.
  • Encourage the kids to give the book away! After they’ve shared it.
  • To help younger kids understand this process, check out Passing the Word in Tina Houser’s book, Beakers, Bubbles and the Bible on page 78

You might want to have a sign-in sheet for the kids who come for your Zombie event so teachers/parents can contact guests after the event is over. Teachers/parents could thank the kids for coming and assure them that if they have questions after reading the book, they (teacher/parent) will be available to talk with them about any questions they have.


Other Options for “Sharing the Gospel Zombie-Style!

SIN: the big problem

For younger kids, 8-11

JESUS: the answer for our problem

For younger kids, 8-11

  • Adapt Lazarus lesson from Tina’s book? (Come Forth, LazarusCookies & Punch, page. 100) Talk about how Lazarus may have looked like a real-life zombie (He walked out of the grave still in grave clothes) that Jesus brought back to life.
  • We aren’t literally dead, but when we don’t believe in Jesus, it is just like being dead because we don’t realize what a great life we could have if we just knew Jesus!
  • Create PowerPoint presentation or video, using slides from the book that highlight key points.
  • The teacher can retell the story point-by- point, referring to the slides.

SHARE: evangelism

  • Suggestions for Using the Zombie Book
  • Beyond the Event…
    • How to share what you have learned with a friend.
    • Sign in sheet for kids who come so teacher/parent can contact guests after the event. Thank them for coming. Tell them if they have any questions or just want to talk about the book, he/she would be available.