Seven surprising reasons why sin is like a zombie virus

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Zombies are a lot like the results of sin in a person’s life. Sin robs, steals and destroys life. As the Apostle Paul said, “The wages of sin is death.” Here are seven reasons why sin is like a living-dead zombie.

  1. Sin is contagious. When someone decides to do an immoral act, they can reason and explain away their sin so that it seems perfectly normal. The next thing you know, a zombie horde starts roaming around spreading death wherever they go.
  2. Sin makes us self-centered. Like a zombie virus, sin turns us into self-centered drones. When we decide to live only for ourselves, we stop considering our neighbors, friends and family. We may even hurt the ones we love unintentionally, or even on purpose.
  3. Sin gives us an appetite for brains. When we give into the temptation to sin, we realize later we just weren’t using our brains. It’s like we loaned our gray-matter out to a zombie. And zombies won’t do anything with your brains but consume them.
  4. Sin makes its victims attack others! When someone sins, they feel lousy about themselves. They try to make themselves feel better by encouraging others to join in their sin, or attacking others who won’t join in. Like the old adage says, “Misery loves company.” Sure, the zombies are miserable, but at least now they have a zombie horde to be miserable with.
  5. Sin isn’t understood very well in modern American society. In zombie movies, books and TV shows, the virus spreads because nobody knows how to combat it. Today, sin is understood even less than a zombie virus. The zombie horde may not realize Jesus is the only cure for the spiritual zombie
  6. Sin destroys our purpose. When we lose our relationship with God by sinning, we try to find our purpose in being selfish. But that just makes us more miserable. Apart from God, a spiritual zombie has no purpose and wanders aimlessly through life.
  7. Sin decays. It deadens our souls. The more we try to live for ourselves, the worse we feel. We don’t like the looks or the smell of death. A soul that is dying because of the zombie virus.

But there is hope, and we find it in the second half of Romans 6:23.

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

That is one quality sin has and a zombie virus doesn’t: We have a cure through Jesus!


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